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Portfolio Guidelines

This is the compilation of your work during this half of the semester. The portfolio should include (in this order):

1) Cover sheet and list of contents
2) Introductory Ars Poetica
3) Revised poems (4)
4) Original drafts of poems (4)
5) Journal entries (6)
6) Reading attendance response


Instructions for the Ars Poetica:

“To write about poetry is to believe that there are answers to some of the questions poets ask of their art, or at least that there are reasons for writing it.” – Michael Weigers, editor of the anthology One Art: Poems about Poetry

The Ars Poetica (Art of Poetry) is a document in which you explore what you consider to be the art of poetry. For the portfolio, this should be a 2-page paper (double spaced) in which you examine your own practices, inclinations, intentions, and/or reflections on your own work. You should examine the creative work that you have written this semester, and you may comment on aesthetics, craft, technique, and/or effects.

You’re welcome to use the first person and to address the reader directly. Above all, the Ars Poetica should be detailed, reflective, and specific about techniques and formal elements.


Instructions for revisions:

Revisions must be substantial – not just line edited or proofread. Revisions can include changes in content and/or form. You may abandon any or all of the original assignment constraints. These are your pieces to revise.


Instructions for formatting:

Please submit your portfolio as a single document (PDF). Formatting:

1″ margins
12 point standard font (such as Times or Garamond)
Prose should be double spaced
Poetry should be single spaced except for stanza breaks
Each piece should include a title
If it’s not otherwise clear what the revision is from, then indicate the title of the original piece