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Author Archives: zcaldwel

Journal 6

Rules: Each line has the same number of words as its line number (ex. line 1 = 1 word, line 2 = 2 words) Use an end stop line only on every line divisible by 3. Dinner in Summer Hot coals burn black, red, orange. The pungent smell of seared meat singes the hairs of […] Continue reading »

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Journal 5

Aftermath: Cento   That black forest and the fire in earnest leaves a trace              leaves an abscess. More & more I see the human form, fire’s afterbirth, the long dangle of waste, pitted mouths, volume turned off.  A band of iron, fighting for a pure country. The corpse, the […] Continue reading »

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Journal 4: How Many Ways Can Cows Eat Grass?

The cows stand under the trees in the wet grass, lifting their necks to pull leaves down.  We slow the truck, pull over to the side of the road to watch them.  How graceful they look, how unlike themselves.  We get out and lean on the fence.  The cows don’t seem to notice we are […] Continue reading »

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Journal 3

As He Waits (v1) Time moved as a snail across the interstate. He checked his watch with wide eyes like a cat that spotted a mouse. Nothing moved in front or behind him, he looked like an owl searching for prey. Why me?  Why me? Repeating himself like a parrot. Finally. No, not yet. Almost. […] Continue reading »

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The Next Thing Always Belongs

Swimming in the middle of Smith Mountain Lake, Boat motors hum in the distance. My trunks slip away as I dive down into the murky green. The bottom is two-hundred fifty feet below me, too deep to fetch. The fish swimming around me feel like a million cameras, Exposing me down to the bone. Who […] Continue reading »

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Journal 1

Taste:  fish oil, grease, rose, cinnamon, Mardi Gras, campfire, pine, lake water, copper, Thanksgiving, bile, plastic, dish soap, dust, sweat Touch: thistle, paper-cut, steel, wax, beard, ice, velvet, clothing iron, sand, glue, sunburn, cicada, alpaca, glasses, vibration Smell: electricity, conditioner, Christmas, state fair, vomit, freezer, leather, lavender, cigarette, gym, shotgun, grass, Pennsylvania, oatmeal, mold Hearing: […] Continue reading »

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