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Author Archives: oliviabr

Journal 6

Prompt 2. Rules: Every stanza begins and ends with the same word (begins with “she” and ends with “leave”). The last stanza breaks this rule for emphasis.     Leaving She was what you would call a rebel. A storm with a rebel heart, and a gypsy soul, perfectly conditioned to do, what she did […] Continue reading »

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This is the world we wanted. Why do I not forget? There is another thing, he has in mind. Age approaches, slowly. Very quick. Very intense like a wolf. No one remembers. Even you, my brother who loves people and valiant art. Ghastly, with open eyes he attends, blind. He went over everyone, & nobody’s […] Continue reading »

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Journal 3

Version 1: She stood tall, with her head under water, breathing deeply, She was the definition of a ship wreck. He emerged, from the shallow waters, pale as sea shells, He was like her rock. She always wondered, where he went, under that glass surface, He was like a diver. He swam, into the deep […] Continue reading »

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Journal 2

A truck parked in the middle of a highway, heavy rain drops crashing onto the roof. I was standing there humiliated, as he began to list my flaws. There is no formula for success, Even if you are brave as a lion. I have broken every bone in my body, trying to fit in, Who […] Continue reading »

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Personal Universe

Taste (15 words): salty, bitter, sweet, grape, coconut, sour, iron, mint, creamy, rich, moist, savory, spicy, sharp, hot Touch (15 words):  smooth, hard, fragile, vibrating, impenetrable, rough, imprinted, cold, blunt, dented, prickly, coarse, satin, abrasive, bumpy Smell (15 words): coffee, bleach, crisp, ocean, stable, snow, wood, horses, summer rain, lilies, freshly cut grass, tempting, fresh, […] Continue reading »

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