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Author Archives: Gary Knowles

Journal 6: Prompt 2

Rule: Every line must mention something about space/time/gravity. Just as the Earth pulls me down I’m pulled by your gravity. No matter how many days have passed my body feels your pull. Stars collapse and die. Nebulae scatter and shift through the passing millennia. Your eyes lost in the crowd, shine like the dark blue […] Continue reading »

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Journal 5: Cento

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, this is the world we wanted. What is important is to avoid a nothingness which longs to be the sea. Then am I truly mad? Life, friends, is boring. We must not say so, On the dead waters of that passionless sea, Desolate and […] Continue reading »

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Journal 4: 302poetry

Version 1: The cows stand under the trees in the wet grass, lifting their necks to pull leaves down. We slow the truck, pull over to the side of the road to watch them. How  graceful they look, how unlike themselves. We get out and lean on the fence. The cows don’t seem to notice […] Continue reading »

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302poetry – Global Posts 2017-02-03 10:36:42

Journal 3 Poetry 302 Gary Knowles   I knew you were gone, but your shadow lingered on my bedroom wall like punks in a dark alley. I knew you were gone, but musical laughter leaves your lungs and nestles in my ear like the homeless guy by the dumpster. I knew you were gone, but […] Continue reading »

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Journal 2

We walked along Florida avenue where car horns blared from behind. “Wait,” Ryan grabbed my arm too late—my foot landed in shit! Magnets attract at opposite poles. Kinda like how clean white shoes attract dirt like magnets. A jaw bone sat on a window sill, but who knew why? (Someone apparently just got pregnant…and isn’t […] Continue reading »

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Journal 1: Personal Universe

Taste:  blood, citrus, sour apple, chocolate, seawater, Irish whiskey,  pepperjack cheese, soap, perfume, penny, peanut butter, vinegar, sweat, diet coke, americano, onion Touch: steel,  glass, bark, pinecone, diamond, sand, clay, snow, skin, thorn, arrowhead, hand, granite, marble, plastic Smell: gas, dog poop, lavender, lemon, garlic, pine, rain, strawberry, smoke, maple, musk, ocean, alcohol, barbeque, cherry […] Continue reading »

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