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Author Archives: cplanton

Journal 6: Prompt 2

Wild Rule: One action image per line The grass blows in the breeze looking like rolling waves, as it whispers on the wind calling out. The wildflowers glisten and flourish under the sun’s warmth spreading pollen for newer fauna to grow. The butterfly’s wings flutter as the wind whistles across the field pulling it this […] Continue reading »

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Cento: Fallen

Faded the flower and all its budded charms, Yours is the name the leaves chatter, The problem was finding that you were real and not just a dream of clouds. I carry your heart with me, Yet less for loss of your dear presence there. But we loved with a love that was more than […] Continue reading »

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Lineation Experiment

The cows stand under the trees in the wet grass, lifting their necks to pull leaves down. We slow the truck, pull over to the side of the road to watch them. How graceful they look, how unlike themselves. We get out and lean on the fence. The cows don’t seem to notice we are […] Continue reading »

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Similes Experiment

I can see it coming, like a little warrior. My eyes zero in on it like I have magnifying glasses for eyes and suddenly I can see everything about it. It looks ready to attack and I am frozen, like I was just shot in the back. I’m constantly on alert as if I expect […] Continue reading »

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“The Next Thing Always Belongs”

Running is akin to finding peace for me; as if I’m speaking with Buddha. I can hear the pulse of my heartbeat in my ears. Though I am young, I swear that my bones creak when I run. Once I fell head over heels mid-stride, and cut myself up. “Run for the Roses” was composed […] Continue reading »

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Personal Universe

Taste: seawater, rock salt, snow, rain, toothpaste, milk, rich, fresh, stale, bland, black pepper, chamomile, vanilla ice-cream, caramel, cream cheese Touch: sauve, gritty, humidity, slimy, soggy, silky, rough, waxy, gooey, dry, sticky, frozen, scalding, greasy, fried Smell: sugar cookies, rain, snow, baby blanket, laundry, smoke, fire, wood, dew, nature, clean, new car, camp, old book, […] Continue reading »

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