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Author Archives: amcclana

Journal 6: I Remember

I remember how you used to like jawbreakers. I remember how we used to go to McDonald’s and order fries and sweet tea as an after school snack. I remember your eyes and how they sparkled every time they met mine. I remember the way you smiled, the way you laughed. I remember so clearly […] Continue reading »

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Journal 5: Dead Love

This is the world we wanted. I turn to you to hold me. Friend, is boring. I dream you into being, stories one has never read. The sun breaks down its laughter and quarrels, infinitely repeated down to atomic thinness. I keep this wolf because the wilderness gave it to me fully dead. Authors: Louise […] Continue reading »

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Journal 4

Version 1 The cows stand under the trees in the wet grass lifting their necks to pull the leaves down. We slow the truck, pull over to the side of the road to watch them. How graceful they look, how unlike themselves. We get out and lean on the fence. The cows don’t seem to […] Continue reading »

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Journal 3: Something’s Outside

The feeling writhed like a fish in my gut. The window curtains beat like wings, luring me to glimpse what the night would reveal.   I pushed them back, their silk like thin, papery flesh, to reveal a thing, pale as a decomposing body sitting in the grass below.   It sensed my presence and […] Continue reading »

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Journal 2: He Didn’t Acknowledge Me

Behind a skyscraper in Richmond my breath came in rasping gasps. I’d said “hi” to a stranger who wasn’t waving at me. Heat rises like the color of rose to my cheeks. I’ve quite the bone to pick with that man. Who knew I was so easily overlooked? He was so hot. I want for […] Continue reading »

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Journal 1

Taste: spaghetti, fresh sugar cookies, banana split lollipops, dark chocolate, salt water, frosting, Asian pear tea, fresh mochas, caramel apples, jawbreakers, crème burlee, flan, grapefruit, cotton candy, clove Touch: rings, makeup, kisses, embrace, cat tongue, dog fur, leather, memory foam, freshly printed paper, butterflies, sugar scrub, petals, paint, frozen metal, sheets Smell: horse, gasoline, clothing stores, incense, lavender, green tea, clean linens, […] Continue reading »

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